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StylistKD born Keyona Dawson is a San Bernardino, California native. She is an Inland Empire fashion icon in her own right. KD developed a love for fashion at an early age, obtaining a degree in fashion design and pattern making from Fashion Career College in San Diego, California.


Keyona has the natural gift of pouring all of her energy into making women feel aGotDamnMazing! Witnessing all women bask in their beauty is her motivation. Knowing how hard we work, our private cries and the times we don’t put ourselves first drives KD to invade spaces and fashionably create. Her unique style is culturally inspired by fashion in various parts of the world with a heavy influence from African, Indian, and Islamic heritage. StylistKD’s designs embody the aspect of  

“Wear what you want, dress how you feel.”


Stylist kd's

Customer reviews

"Hands down the best designer I know. She brought my idea to life with a limited amount of time. The dress wasn't too heavy for me & it fit me exactly how I would've wanted it to. I love the way it complimented my little figure. The train was perfect and complimented the dress." 
"I'm so in love with my prom dress!!! It's exactly what I asked for. I received so many compliments because of the beautiful dress Miss Keyona made for me. She made my dress in such short notice and I definitely appreciate her hard work. Trust me you won't be disappointed by Miss Keyona's work.
"I was super excited having StylistKD style my dress! She was very patient and understanding when I didn't even know what I wanted. She helped me figure out what color and designs I wanted, and she made the dress just as I imagined it! It was a very great experience and I would definitely recommend."
"Stylist KD brought my vision to life and made me the perfect dress for my birthday. It couldn't have been more perfect. Her customer service was immaculate and her response time was great too. The way she handles business and the way she designs is the same. You won't find anybody better for your special occasion other than thee StylistKD!!" 
"First and foremost, I loved my dress! From the design to the material it was made out of. I got so many compliments from people wanting to know who designed it and I told them KD! StylistKD brought my idea to life and I give her a 10 out of 10. I would recommend StylistKD any day!"


custom inquiry

Would you like an exclusive design by StylistKD?

Please fill out the following questions to the best of your ability and in their entirety for the best outcome and experience.

Please attach an inspiration picture of the design you’d like made, AND a full body photo of yourself.  If you have already sent photo’s to KD via social media you MUST STILL send the required photos HERE. You will not get an price estimate without sending the photos.

Inspiration Images

What Happens Next?

1) You’ll receive email correspondence with a price quote for the design you’ve selected. 
2) If you decide to proceed you’ll receive an email with instruction on paying the $100 consultation fee (once fee is paid you’ll receive a fitting date)
3) Next you’ll get an email with the date, time, and address for fitting. 
✳️(If your fitting is virtual (out of state clients) you will receive a zoom link)
✳️ If you are local your fitting will be in person. 


Thank you for submitting, Dumplings!


Thanks for submitting!



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